The Interior Gaze:

Miniature Rooms as Theater

Robert Off: Creator of Miniature Rooms Since 1998

Carefully Planned, Designed, and Constructed

on a Scale of One Inch to One Foot

by Miniature Rooms Creator, Robert Off

Enjoy the Attention to Detail of a

Carefully Planned & Crafted

Original Miniature Room by Artist Robert Off

Designing miniature rooms begins like any other design process with sketches...

About Miniature Rooms

I make Miniature Room Boxes, just like the one pictured above. Today my production is very limited. However, from time to time, I do have a room box  available for purchase. Please contact me if you are a serious collector and have interest in purchasing one. 

My miniature rooms are not reproductions of actual rooms nor do they represent a particular style or period. Rather, the ideas for their design come from my subconscious memories and my imagination.

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Past Works

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"The Interior Gaze", by Robert Off: Now Available in Print

I have completed a book entitled “The Interior Gaze, by Robert Off”. The book, which contains 122 pages filled with information about my miniature rooms, is now available for sale. It is printed on premium paper and measures 8” X 10”.

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