Esquire Article: Inside the Weird and Wonderful World of Miniatures

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A few months ago I was very honored to be interviewed by Scott Huler for an article that he wrote for Enquirer magazine,

 Most individuals trying to use their talents to create works of art want them to be seen, heard, experienced and enjoyed by as many people in the world as possible. This has been one of my goals during the past twelve years, and I am pleased that my work to date has achieved modest exposure locally, nationally and internationally. This exposure came as the result of gallery exhibits, lectures, articles in newspapers, local and specialty publications, a few museum acquisitions and my internet presence. However, I still hope to expose my work to a much broader audience. 

 This year, that exposure finally arrived by way of a wonderful article published by Esquire Magazine and written by Scott Huler. I have been told that Esquire Magazine has 3.5 million print and internet subscribers, 34.2 million global visitors a year, and 18 million social media followers.

Esquire Article