Captain's Table

About This Project

I am a sailing enthusiast. I have always been interested in reading about the past days of America’s proud maritime heritage. The well-known stories of its men, their clipper ships, and their dangerous long voyages have both entertained and fascinated me for over sixty years.

This box entitled “The Captain’s Table” is my vision of what a wealthy captain’s dining room may have looked like 1825. The details, the sextant on the table to the left, the case barometer on the table in the back of the box, the stick barometer on the wall to the right, the silver candlesticks, the silver charger plates, the crystal glassware, the fresh flowers and fruit were all symbols of wealth and power.

What a wonderful place to share a meal and hear the “wild and woolly” stories of the sea from a successful clipper ship captain. Sign me up!