Ruth McChesney

Ruth created and oversaw the creation of numerous museum quality miniature rooms and was a very talented artisan herself,  specializing in needlework. She lived in Pittsburgh and worked closely with Dick Smith an interior designer and miniature painter. Her rooms are in the permanent collections several museums including the Carnegie Museum of Art , Winterthur, the Westmorland Art Museum, The American Museum in Britain and many others.

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She created most all of the needle work, chair upholstery, rugs etc. Although, for most of her museum quality room boxes she collaborated with various international artists such as the Kupjacks and purchased the interior furnishing from a long list of artisans that she meet in her travels.

However, from time to time she constructed rooms for her children and grandchildren hopping to instill the same love of the field that  she had. 

Anne Day Smith wrote a book with Ruth, “The Period Rooms of Ruth McChesney” that is now, unfortunately,  out of print, but is available through various second hand booksellers such as