The Kupjack Studios

Hank and Ray are the sons of Eugene Kupjack and operate their studio outside of Chicago. They have continued in their father's footsteps creating world-class museum quality miniature rooms which are in collections across the world.

Hank and Ray learned at their fathers side as he assisted Mrs. Thorne with the creation her many rooms.

Today they build a limited number, two the three, of museum quality miniature rooms each year and sell them exclusively to museums and  very serious collectors. Almost every piece of molding, furniture, rugs, and accessory items that are contained in their rooms are designed and created by them in their small studio located just outside Chicago.  In addition to designing and building rooms they, from time to time, restore rooms built many years ago by their father and Mrs Thorne.

Alexanders-Tent-miniature-room.jpg Biedermaier-Libary-1815-miniature-room.jpg Colonial-Dining-Room-miniature-room.jpg Dinner-Counter-miniature-room.jpg English-Pub-1795-miniature-room.jpg Grand-Stairwell-miniature-room.jpg Kitchen-Japan-miniature-room.jpg Kupjack-studio.jpg Louis-16th-Dining-Room-miniature-room.jpg Southern-Bed-Room-miniature-room.jpg Turkish-Room-miniature-room.jpg

If you have never seen their work it is well worth a special trip. The rooms are not only beautiful and minely detailed, but they create a wonderful illusion for the viewer that is captivating and difficult to describe. Until you have seen one of their rooms, you haven’t seen some of the best miniatures being produced today.

Their work can be seen in various museums as far away as Turkey where they were exhibited in 2009. In the United States their work can be seen in the permanent collections of The Kentucky Museum Center,  The Chicago Art Institute, The Philadelphia Art Museum, The Knoxville Art Museum, The Indiana Children’s Museum, The Baltimore Museum, The Naples Museum, Wintertur, The Palm Springs Desert Museum and The Forbes Collection.  These brothers are truly miniature “All Stars”.

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