Miniatures as an art form

For several years I have been giving lectures about miniatures and my work to various groups, organizations and to virtually anyone who will listen.

A few months ago, I was scheduled to present a lecture to a group and the venue they chose to have the event was not able to accommodate handicapped individuals. I was contacted by a member of the group who asked if I could somehow video the event and post it on YouTube.

I thought that was a wonderful idea as it would allow me to share my passion for miniatures with a much wider audience. In the past, I have made a number of videos detailing how I go about making my boxes, but nothing about the history and evolution of miniatures as an art form. (See the Video section of this Web Page)

As a result, I put together the following 18 minute lecture/presentation and posted it to YouTube. I probably won’t quit making miniature roomboxes and turn to full-time video production.

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