b'The section of a camera obscure on the left forefront of box was created by me. I had complete artisticlicense in its design as nobody has the wildest idea of what the actual camera may have looked like,assuming one was ever used by Vermeer. Finally, I included the yellow tulip in the photograph to illustrate the scale of the box, and also as a notso subtle reference to the Bitcoin Mania taking place around the world today and its similarity to theGreat Tulip Mania which took place in the Netherlands over four hundred years ago in 1617.Box Information:The lighting, which was difcult to achieve, was created by using over 20 individually painted LEDs.The view out of the window is a reproduction of Vermeers painting of the city of Delft in 1650. The 550 individual oor tiles were made to my specications in Germany by Rita and Horst Kruger ofTiny Ceramics They also assisted me in creating the pattern which we copied from Vermeerspaintings.The Delft vase on the table was made in Delft by artisan, Henny Staring-Egberts, and thewood windows and the very delicate window mullions, were laser cut to my specications by ScottAlessio in his shop in New York. All of the paintings in the box are reproductions of Vermeers with the exception of the painting on theright wall which is a reproduction of a painting by Pieter de Hooch. His paintings were part of thescenes in some of Vermeers paintings.'