New York Condominium

About This Project

I wanted the box to invoke a feeling of living in a contemporary condo overlooking New York City on a foggy night.

My inspiration sprung from my Sunday morning ritual of reading the New York Times Magazine section. For those of you not familiar with the magazine, most of the first few pages of the magazine contain glossy advertisements of city’s latest minimalist condominium offerings. They always look like such exciting places to live. (although probably not very welcoming places to read the Sunday paper). I hope the box will encourage the viewer to focus on this interesting tension for themselves.

Creating the box proved more difficult that I expected. Working with glass walls was a challenge, as glass is very unforgiving and is a magnet for dust and fingerprints. Also, photographing the box was difficult due to the difference in intensity of the interior and exterior lighting. In order to photograph it, I took one over exposed photograph to capture the interior lights and one under exposed photograph to capture the exterior lighting. I then electronically merged the two photographs together in a Photoshop process known as HDR.

The chair and the couch are reproductions of furniture created by the designer and architect, Le Corbusier. The sculpture, “Walking Man” is a reproduction of a work by Alberto Giacometti. I also want to thank the artists, Bo Bartlett and Evans Arnold, for granting me permission to use their wonderful images.