Robert Off's Miniature Rooms Featured in UK Miniaturist Magazine

Several roomboxes were featured in one of Europe’s most prestigious miniaturist magazines, “The Dolls’ House Magazine”. “The “Artist’s Studio in Maine” was even used as the cover image for the April, 2012 issue. The editor, Christiane Berridge,  who interviewed Robert Off for the feature, was quoted as saying “sometimes a single miniature room can take your breath away… I admire the way that he conveys depth in his models by often presenting walls at an angle.” I was very pleased with the coverage that my miniatures were given and the overall quality of the publication itself. One of the wonderful things that the Internet provides is a worldwide platform for works by artisans and artists like myself.
The magazine is terrific. It is a fun read and I highly recommend it. The magazine is published by GMC Publications located outside of London, and subscriptions are available in both magazine and electronic/IPOD format. Christian Berridge can be reached at

Click here for a PDF copy of the article.

All Stars

  • Ruth McChesney

    Ruth created and oversaw the creation of numerous museum quality miniature rooms and was a very talented artisan herself,  specializing in needlework. She lived in Pittsburgh and worked closely with Dick Smith an interior designer and miniature painter. Her rooms are in the permanent collections several museums including the Carnegie Museum of Art , Winterthur, the Westmorland Art Museum, The American Museum in Britain and many others.

    • Kaye Browning

      Kaye is an avid collector of miniatures, and currently serves as the Miniature Curator at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center located in Maysville,  Kentucky, which is  just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The museum collection contains evidence of her many years of astute collecting and collaboration with many of the best artisans in the world. The museum collection includes miniature e rooms and furniture from the finest artisans in the  world including Kevin Mulvany, Susie Rogers, the Kupjack Studios and William Robertson, who also designed the installation.